This document is about find (GNU findutils) 4.6.0

Some options of find


find -regextype --help

'findutils-default', 'awk', 'egrep', 'ed', 'emacs', 'gnu-awk', 'grep',
'posix-awk', 'posix-basic', 'posix-egrep', 'posix-extended',
'posix-minimal-basic', 'sed'

Don't enclose the regextype with quotes, ticks, or whatever and in case of sed
you don't have to enclose the regex with slashes (haven't tried other dialects).

find /path/where/to/search/things -regextype sed -regex ".*whatever$"

There is no possibility to set default options for find, like findrc, $FIND_OPTS
or similar. Setting a permanent regextype could be done with an alias.

alias find='find -regextype sed'

-exclude directories from search

find -type f -not -path "\.git/*"