To install Slackware GNU/linux from an existing slackware system
into a folder using ``chroot'' just navigate into the folder
which contains the package sets.
Mount your target disk(s) as needed into a target directory - in
this example I use /mnt - and fire up ``installpkg'' as follows:

installpkg --root /mnt  \
a/*.t?z \
ap/*.t?z \
d/*.t?z \
k/*.t?z \
l/*.t?z \

then mount dev, proc and sys into your target directory

mount -o bind /proc /chrootarget/proc
mount -o bind /sys /chrootarget/sys
mount -o bind /dev /chrootarget/dev

and chroot

chroot /mnt `which bash`

Set a root password, add the users you need and give them passwords all the configurations
you need. That's it - you can boot the system.